Watch what happened when a man playing a shooting game accidentally dialed 911 while boasting that he "killed two people" (video)

A fellow named Elijah was apparently playing the tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Seige when he accidentally dialed 911 on his phone. The operator overheard Elijah boasting on the game's voice chat that he had "killed two people." Guess what happened next?

From IGN:

Barely two minutes after Elijah 'confessed' to a double homicide, several police officers showed up at his front porch, and the entire incident was captured on camera.

Needless to say, Elijah looked visibly stunned when he answered the front door.

According to Elijah's friend, the police showed up in two minutes ready for a possible active shooter situation. The friend claims that the police searched Elijah's house for hours before finally clearing the scene. While detaining Elijah, one of the officers reportedly asked him: "Who's your favorite operator?" referring to the game's playable character.