Afroman's new videos about a sheriff's raid and lemon cake

It seems that the sheriff Adams Country Sheriff's department relied on investigatory research that included Afroman's 2000 video, "Because I got high," in their background work to raid his home in August of 2022.

Afroman has since used the CCTV video footage from the raid for two new music videos, "Lemon Pound Cake" and "Will you repair my door?"

According to a Victora Moorwood of the Cincinnati Inquirer, "Deputies seized marijuana and over $5,000 in cash during the raid, but no charges were filed. The money was returned to Afroman in November, minus $400. Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers told The Enquirer at the time that the missing cash was being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation."

This TMZ Live video explains, "We spoke to Afroman Monday on "TMZ Live," and he told us cops took trace amounts of some joints — along with the vape and hemp — but he's mostly upset about the damage they did to his house. He says the cops now want HIM to come down to the station and make a statement.

Afroman is also running for the Presidency of the United States. "Inflation is out of control. The economy is in shambles… We need a candidate that is truly elected by the people, and for the people," a lengthy post on Afroman's Instagram account, authored by his campaign manager Jason Savage, read."