Could Voyager 1's camera be turned back on?

I don't think I knew, until watching this video, that Voyager 1's camera was turned off immediately after taking the famous "pale blue dot" image of Earth (looking back at it from 6 billion kilometers away). The camera has not been back on since then (1990).

In this Primal Space video, they explain how the Voyager 1 camera worked and ask the question: "Why can't the camera be turned on again, just to have a peek?"

As you might imagine, it mainly comes down to power consumption. The craft has a decaying power system and is only operating at around 57% of its original power. Like the camera, many other instruments were shut down long ago to preserve power as long as possible. The other surprising/not surprising reason is that the computers and software here on Earth, used to capture and analyze the images, don't even exist anymore.