Lisa Marie Presley's lovely duet with her dad Elvis (video)

In 2012, 35 years after Elvis's death, his daughter Lisa Marie Presley—who suddenly died yesterday at 54—recorded this lovely "duet" with her dad and created a touching music video to accompany it. Elvis originally recorded "I Love You Because" in 1954 at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. From CMT Press:

The video for the track was a personal project for Lisa Marie, in which she introduces her four children as the continuation of her father's legacy. She recorded the vocals to the song on August 8, (2012) and made the video over the course of just four days in time to debut it at the 35th Anniversary Elvis Concert on August 16, 2012. Lisa Marie Presley's four-year-old twin girls Finley and Harper, as well as her son Benjamin (19) and daughter Riley (23), are featured in never-before-seen family photos, along with Lisa Marie and Elvis.