School staff "notified of a possible gun" before 6-year-old shot teacher with it

The Associated Press reports that school staff were tipped off about the gun used by a 6-year-old child to shoot a teacher, but failed to find it before they did so.

Superintendent George Parker said during an online meeting with parents Thursday night that at least one school administrator was notified the boy may have a weapon before the 6-year-old shot the teacher. Parker's comments were first reported by WAVY-TV. The online meeting was for parents only, but WAVY-TV reported the station gained access to the meeting from a parent. On Friday, Price confirmed the superintendent's comments. Police Chief Steve Drew has previously said the boy brought the gun to school in his backpack the day of the shooting.Price said she has not been told where school officials believe the gun was when the boy's backpack was searched.

We'll do all sorts of things, including stripping people of their rights and freedoms and wasting immense sums of money, to give the appearance of giving a shit. But in truth, no shits are given, only asses covered.