The unbearable loudness of that Dude Revving a Car

Perhaps a sad shared experience of whatever time we live in is that we all have experienced the public display of loud cars and drivers making sure the world knows they exist at all hours of the day and night. Perhaps you know someone who has a loud car or have a loud car yourself. Maybe you live in a neighborhood populated by people who have loud cars or near a street that attracts racing to the next red light, "speed as the engine of destruction" in a militarized society, as Paul Virilio might argue. To be clear, late model loud cars, very specifically. Style is also soul. Loud can be smooth. This is not the case.

Now that the engine is warm, we all have seen the person in this YouTube video clip from that clever, cringy, and insightfully funny comedian, writer, and actor who continues to produce brilliant satire, Trevor Wallace.

Baseball cap turned backward, dangling cross earing, leaning out of the window, carefree and careless, moving at a panther pace that demands constant, controlled, dynamically timed engine revving.

Scene: roaring and revving engine (classic) at 5:59 am outside an apartment complex.

Dude in "the car": Cock-a-doodle doo…

An apartment dweller with long hair asks, "what is making all that noise? Oh my God, it's a loud car," as she moans.

Dude in care: "No, it's more than a loud car. It's a personality." Then, revving the engine for emphasis and effect.

Apartment dweller now dancing in the window, "Come on, show me your G.E.D."

"The louder the car, the lower the credit score."

Throughout the next 4:57 of sheer cringe laughter of that intensely local and familiar type that gets all your gut muscles, the apartment dwellers' voice chimes in as Loud Car Dude rolls through the city, and everyone that hears his engine is fixated, falls in love, and hands over their future. An immediate cult following of sonic sensuality. There is, of course, a wait-for-it vibe awaiting.

It ends in a race of sorts.

Here is a link to a shorter Instagram edit.

The loud Car Dude is driving nearby right now. Four times while I put this together in urgency to get it to the world to name this shared experience, mark it for posterity, I heard in the near and far distance the clear sound of an easily traceable cultural phenomenon.

The Pinterest account Loud Exhaust traffics in similar humor.

Hear beast man roar.

Roar, beast man, roar.