Watch: Lindsey Graham's two-faced reactions to Trump vs Biden's classified docs is quite amusing

Republicans who are outraged over the classified documents found in President Biden's former office are showing signs of severe short-term memory loss.

Watch CNN's montage below — which features addled Reps. James Comer (KY) and Mike Turner (OH), as well as the reliable hypocrite-in-chief Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) — where in Trump's case concern over finding classified documents in his home was "Outrageous!" while in Biden's case the fact that classified documents were actually found in his office (and immediately returned) is "Outrageous!" Graham even went so far as to suggest there would be riots in the streets if Trump's investigation were to continue, but by gum, if nobody investigates Biden "there is going to be a lot of, er, it will hurt the country!"

Via Mike Sington
Front page thumbnail image: CNN/Fox News (screengrab)