Conservation efforts for the Sri Lankan cats that hunt underwater

Sri Lankan mangroves are the home for fishing cats. As the mangroves have been devastated by human activity (poachers), environmental catastrophes, and climate change "…there is one creature in these swamps who is defying the odds and our expectations at the same time: The Fishing Cat"

In this post from Animalogic, which has new posts every Friday, we are introduced to these agile and creative felines. Leaving the land because of competition for survival, the swamp became the new biome for these cats, who developed a series of adaptations. Stocky, with short legs, and deep chests with short, stubby tails, these "swamp things are the only felines that specialize in fish…they dive face first into the water to ambush their prey."

Conservation efforts for the cats are difficult given their location and behavior patterns. The Fishing Cat Conservatory in India and Sri Lanka was founded to "empower global communities with conservation jobs that restore ecosystems, and help solve deforestation, extinction, and climate change. We're working with our landowner partners to create FishCat Nature Reserves for sustainability…"

There is also an Animalogic in Español here.