Up your tech game this year with this $450 MacBook Air

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We're finally back to precedented times (sort of…), which means it's time to celebrate positive change. With the new year came new intentions, and yours was to stop using crappy tech. Alas, you're still banging away on a laptop that's older than some of your kids. 

It's time to make those changes this year and put yourself first before your computer bursts into flames before your very eyes. Upgrading your laptop to this refurbished Apple MacBook Air from 2014 is an incredible way to start the new year on the right technological foot and help the environment, all while saving a few bucks. It's on sale for $449.99, which is more than 50% off the original price of $999.99.

This refurbished MacBook Air offers a great way to take advantage of the ports and wires we have become so accustomed to. With an Intel Core i5 processor, HD Graphics 5000 graphics processor, Turbo Boost technology for that extra power, and an 11.6" LED-backlit glossy widescreen display, you can enjoy the features Apple users love so much about their products. The machine affords you nine hours of battery life, which is plenty of time to download all of those workout videos you'll never use this year (we believe in you though).

Here's the rundown on the 128GB of storage and the 4GB of RAM you're getting. You'll get a plethora of storage for all of those pictures, videos, and tunes you've been transferring between all of your computer's clouds through the years. You can also connect your media via Bluetooth 4.0 and get a crisp connection when you want to show your stuff to your friends and family.

Start the new year right with better tech and get this 11.6" refurbished MacBook Air today for $449.99 (reg. $999).

Prices subject to change.