Atlas Obscura's list of haunted restaurants

If you're on the hunt for a spooky dining experience, check Atlas Obscura's list of haunted restaurants to see if any of them are located near you. Included on the list are places such as the Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid, New Mexico where rumored ghosts run amok, and the Five Fishermen Restaurant in Halifax, Nova Scotia where a few of the Titanic's victims were embalmed. For lovers of the supernatural and folklore, these 9 restaurants will make for a fantastically spooky night out.

From Atlas Obscura: 

"If some people are to be believed, restless spirits can be found just about everywhere. While one practically expects to find a wayward poltergeist lurking around a dilapidated mansion or foreboding castle, it seems that the undead also have a penchant for hanging out in livelier places, namely restaurants and bars."