It's Martin Luther King, Jr. day in the United States

It's Martin Luther King, Jr. day in the United States. And Marc Lamont Hill took to his twitter to make sure we keep it real. He tweeted: "Today, let us remember Martin Luther King as he was: A Black radical anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, revolutionary Christian internationalist who was deemed an enemy of the State and assassinated for his radical work. Just about everything else is a lie." Marc Lamont Hill has also suggested (see the video, below) that MLK Day should be a "day of radical action" focused on how to restructure our economic system so that we can eliminate the huge disparities of wealth that plague the United States, and how to reimagine an American democratic experiment that doesn't rely on war as a primary instrument of foreign policy.

And in response to Hill's tweet, Professor Peter Cole also reminds us that "in support of his radical economic agenda, he regularly advocated Black and all workers to join a union!!!" Cole also linked to a great article highlighting MLK's union activism.