Look inside the strange and wonderful "Mewseum" of cats within this fellow's home

"I was just sitting here, and we weren't doing anything, and I remembered a friend of mine collected mushrooms about 20-something years ago," Shawn Redner, of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, told UPI. "We would get all those from second-hand shops and antique malls. I said to [my wife] Hilary, 'Come on, we're gonna go find some cats!'"

And so it began. Thousands of cat figurines and tchotchkes later, Redner opened his Rescued Cat Figurine Mewseum a little more than a year ago. You can visit if you'd like."

According to Inside Edition, "Redner says 100% of the donations to the Cat Museum are given to feline rescues. So far, they've given about $3,000. And if you're wondering, Redner has 10 real cats in his home.

This is the way, step inside.