Machine-translated JoJo adds extra depth to an already-bizarre manga

If you've been around the block, you likely already know about the "Google Translated [x]" trend- in short, you take a beloved media property (such as Half-Life), run it through a bunch of different languages in Google Translate, translate it back into English, and laugh at the end result. Standalone examples, like the Half-Life video linked, have made the rounds in years past- but one very determined user on Twitter is bringing it to a whole new level. Enter the Google Translated JoJo Project, which aims to entertainingly garble the entire bibliography of the (insanely) long-running manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure – or, as it's called after a healthy dose of Google Translate, Joey's Special Experience. The project has already worked its way through Part 1, Phantom Blood (or YES) and is well on its way through Part 2, Battle Tendency (or Modern Warfare). Given that JoJo doesn't make a lot of sense even at the best of times, it's debatable how drastic the Google Translate's effects actually are- but reading through it is still a Special Experience in and of itself.