Meet two fine cats: Pringles and Mr. Bingley

Meet two cats that are also incredibly distinguished gentlemen! Their names are Pringles and Mr. Bingley, they hail from Chicago, and they are taking the internet by storm. Their human makes funny videos of them, which often include the addition of tiny plastic hands, which make everything even more hilarious. Here's a few to check out!

Here's Pringles and Mr. Bingley with those silly tiny hands, accompanied by audio from Season 2, Episode 3 of What We Do In the Shadows. I love the look on the cats' faces when the audio says "He's my good time boy!". Here's a "home office tour" of the boys, where you can see them from all angles—all of which are PURR-FECC-SHUN! Here they are plotting to take over the world. And here's Mr. Pringles playing cards, featuring that social media-famous tiny violin music. This gets my vote for the best of that tiny violin genre. And finally, my favorite–Mr. Pringles and Mr. Bingley demonstrating what absolute distinguished gentlemen they are.

As one person commented on Mr. Pringles' Instagram, "I love how chaotic this account is. It's absolutely perfection lol." I have to agree!