Turns out John Williams isn't retiring after all

All good things come to an end, whether we want them to or not. Over the last handful of decades, Steven Spielberg has been renowned as one of the most visionary and impactful directors to grace the medium of film. With a string of box office-breaking movies to his name, it'd be silly to argue that Spielberg doesn't know his way around a film set. However, one component that plays a major factor in Spielberg's legendary ability to generate blockbusters comes from the themes and soundtracks provided by his frequent collaborator, John Williams. 

Throughout his career, Williams has built a case for being regarded as the best composer in cinematic history. From the iconic Superman and Star Wars themes to the Indiana Jones series and his recent work on The Fablemans, Williams's legacy in movies looms as large as any of his influences and contemporaries. Sadly, last year Williams claimed that his soundtrack for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny would be his final film project. According to Variety, we don't have to play taps for Williams's career in the world of cinema just yet, as the esteemed composer claims he's not retiring after Indiana Jones V.

At the event, sponsored by the American Cinematheque and held at the Writers Guild Theater, moderator (and Variety film music writer) Jon Burlingame addressed the elephant that was gingerly lingering around the edges of the room: "A final question for each of you. John, are you really retiring from films? Are this" — "The Fablemans," the last film to come up for discussion — "and the Indiana Jones film to come your last work for the medium?"

"Well, Steven Stephen is a lot of things," replied the composer. "He's a director, he's a producer, he's a studio head, he's a writer, he's a philanthropist, he's an educator. One thing he isn't is a man you can say no to."

"You never told me that before today," said Spielberg, slightly happily rattled.