Listen to Sasha Sagan's captivating new podcast about the bizarre and sometimes beautiful customs of humanity

If you met an extraterrestrial, how would you explain wedding rings? How about fireworks on New Year's Eve? These are the kinds of questions that Sasha Sagan, author of the must-read For Small Creatures Such As We, is exploring with her usual brilliance, curiosity, and wit on her brand new podcast Strange Customs.

"I get to talk to the smartest, funniest writers, actors, historians, and scientists about how weird we humans can be," Sasha says. "In each episode we'll explore one of our brilliant, terrible, beautiful, antiquated, ingenious, elaborate, oppressive, poignant, elegant, ancient, modern, funny little rituals and traditions. Why do we do them? Where did they come from? And how would we explain them to a visitor from another world?"

In the premier episode, Sasha talks with actor, author, and social justice activist Brandon Kyle Goodman about the weird ritual of marriage. Listen here:

art: Paulina Miwa Mocna