Michigan man's forgetfulness turns him into a double jackpot lottery winner

Sometimes having a "senior moment" is a good thing, such as when you buy a winning lottery ticket, and then forget you did so and buy another. That's what happened to a Michigan man last month, who ended up winning two jackpots worth $110,000 each after he bought two identical tickets.

From UPI:

The Montcalm County man told Michigan Lottery officials he was at the Mobil gas station on West Main Street in Stanton when he couldn't remember if he already had a ticket for the Dec. 17 Fantasy 5 drawing. …

"I have been playing Fantasy 5 for a long time and I always play the same sets of numbers," the player said. "I was at the gas station, and I couldn't remember if I'd purchased a ticket for the Fantasy 5 drawing that night, so I decided to purchase one to be safe."

The man later determined he had indeed already bought an identical ticket from the Sheridan EZ Mart on South Main Street in Sheridan. …

"I checked my tickets and confirmed I had won, but I thought I'd won $55,000 on each. When I called the lottery and they confirmed both tickets were $110,000 winners, a feeling of relief came over me," he said.

The lucky, lucky winner says he will use the money to renovate his house and help out his family.