This fan-made Willem Dafoe Joker sculpture is perfectly unsettling

Despite never inhabiting the role, Willem Dafoe has become one of the internet's favorite Joker actors. In the last three decades, the Joker has transcended his status as Batman's top rogue and has become one of DC's most important characters. Many will point to Heath Ledger's iconic performance as the Clown Prince of crime in 2008's The Dark Knight, but truthfully the seeds for Joker's proverbial baby face turn were sown with Mark Hamil's portrayal in Batman: The Animated Series. Following The Dark Knight and Ledger's posthumous Oscar win, The Joker, and the actor that plays him, have become revered in the eyes of the film industry and fans alike. 

For years, fans have thrown Dafoe's name into the ring as a potential Joker. Hell, Dafoe even commented on the fan casting himself while hosting SNL. With the actor getting on in years, it's a toss-up if we'll ever get to see him slip into The Joker's famous purple suit. However, the video linked above of a Joker fan sculpture modeled after Dafoe perfectly captures how the actor would look in the role.