Warm up your freezing-cold office with this portable heater

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If you've ever had a desk job, there's a good chance you quickly realized how much everyone's temperature preferences vary. Maybe your office's temperature was controlled by your boss, maybe it was whoever sat the closest to the control panel, or maybe it was a complete free-for-all battle of employees changing it to meet their preferences throughout the day. No matter what, you've probably felt freezing-cold working at your desk. 

Luckily, there's a solution to this time-old problem. With the Personal Desk Heater, you can customize your temperature preference no matter how chilly your workspace is, whether that's in the office or your work from home area. This portable heater makes it easy for you to stay toasty from the comfort of your desk. Even better, it's now $88.99, which is 10% off the regular price of $99.99.

The height of this heater is adjustable, so you can position it as you like and tweak it for comfortable work conditions all-day long. The control panel is user-friendly and has 3 settings: cold air, low heat, and high heat, so it can be used year-round. With a 100° shake head and multi-speed fan, this device is great at circulating warm air throughout the whole room so that your entire space is evenly heated.

This heater's detachable strut means that you can use it on your desk or floor, tailoring it to how you move and work in your space. Its adjustable height and angling also makes it a stellar device for those with circulation issues, since you can customize the heater to warm up your cold hands or chilly feet. And with its overheating protection, you don't need to worry about potential fire hazards in the office or at home. 

Stay warm and cozy in your workspace and get the Personal Desk Heater now for $88.99.

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