Decade-old teen band Bullfight to headline the legendary punk club where Green Day gained fame

California-based band Bullfight was started by two seven-year-old friends, Patrick Baggett (lead vocals/guitar) and Joaquin Cunningham (drums/percussion), who met in preschool. At the end of the month, ten years and two band members later, they will be headlining 924 Gilman Street. And it's not the first time these four high school seniors from Alameda, California—which includes Dylan Hennecke (bass guitar/backup vocals) and Lennon Sutphin (rhythm guitar)—have played the legendary Berkeley club where Green Day got their start. Last September, they went onstage at the venue for a 30-minute set in conjunction with the release of their first studio EP, "Out of the Blue."

Through my new writing gig at Alameda Post, I interviewed Patrick and Dylan to share their unusual story and get the word out about their Gilman show. I was shocked to learn it was their first feature! In our island city, they've been playing our backyards, schools, and fraternal lodges since 2012, so people know them. I guess now that they've made the leap to bigger venues outside of Alameda, it's seems time they got press. That story is here: Alameda Teen Band Bullfight Rocks Local Music Scene (Don't miss the great photo of them performing in 2015 at "Edison Idol," their elementary school's talent show!)

Bullfight's new single "Infatuation" drops January 27, a day ahead of their 924 Gilman show on January 28 at 9 p.m. More new music is on its way soon and will announced on their Instagram.