George Santos reportedly used "Kitara" alias when he was a drag queen in Brazil

New York imposter Rep. George Santos — aka Anthony Devolder, aka George Devolder, aka Anthony Zabrovsky — might have yet another alias he forgot to mention: Kitara Ravache.

According to a tweet posted by MSNBC columnist Marisa Kabas (see below), a Brazilian drag queen named Eula Rochard says she used to be friends with Santos when he lived in Brazil (before he was accused of fraud and fled the country), and claims the Republican Congressman sometimes went by his drag name, Kitara.

Kabas also includes a photo, reportedly from 2008, that shows what could be George Santos in drag, although I am very bad at recognizing faces and can't tell if the image below is indeed Santos or not.

A tweet by Kaivan Shroff shows a different photo of the alleged Kitara (see below), again one that might or might not be Santos.

This is obviously an underreported story that has only one source, but it's quite interesting if true — although serial liars are welcome in the GOP-controlled House, Republicans might not take this new tidbit so kindly, if their past obsession with drag queens is any kind of indicator.

Front page thumbnail image: Santos in a "George For NY" campaign handout photo