Actor Julian Sands missing after California storms

Julian Sands, star of A Room With A View, Warlock and various other roles calling for a gaunt-looking Englishman, is missing after last week's storms in California. He was out hiking, according to reports, but didn't return home before bad weather hit. He's been gone six days.

According to the news reports, Sands, 65, went missing while hiking on South California's Mt. Baldy last week. Search and rescue efforts have been hampered by severe storms in the area. A spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department issued a statement today, saying that, "His wife did report him missing. From what I understand, he left sometime that day for a hike and when he did not return, his family reported him missing." Sands is one of two hikers currently missing in the area. The other, Bob Gregory, was reported missing earlier this week, somewhere in the Crystal Lake area.

I know it's not relevant to the search, but if you haven't watched Boxing Helena, well, do.