Idaho florist's potato bouquet goes viral

When you think of Idaho, undoubtedly you think of potatoes. It is called the "Potato State," after all. Well, a florist in Idaho, Shania of Historia Florals, thought it would be fun to make a bouquet of potatoes and put it up as a "joke" on TikTok. She then made that video into a Reel for her Instagram business feed, captioning it "the perfect housewarming gift for your new California neighbors" and that's where it blew up.

Shania told Boing Boing:

I posted it on tiktok thinking it would be cool to have it go viral so I could put "home to the world famous potato bouquet" on my shop and I always post my less serious stuff there. Instagram is more for my serious wedding crowd but I decided to post that reel just for fun not expecting much. 

Since it's gone viral, she's now going to make the bouquets available on her Valentine's Day flower menu. We can presume she's also got a "Home to the famous Idaho potato bouquet" sign in the works too.

photo: Historia Florals, used with permission