Peanutters! Now's your chance to drive the Planters Peanutmobile

If driving the Weinermobile wasn't appealing to you, perhaps you'd prefer getting behind the wheel of a giant peanut. Yes, Planters is currently hiring the next class of Peanutters to drive the Planters Nutmobile, and cart around that wacky mascot affectionately known as MR. PEANUT.

Debra Worley of Gray News explains:

Planters is looking for its next fleet of college graduates to drive Mr. Peanut across the country in the iconic Nutmobile.

The makers of the Planters brand are looking for three Peanutters to drive a 26-foot-long peanut on wheels, while "shellebrating" the communities they visit.

To be hired for this full-time paid position, you must have a bachelor's degree and be able to work from June 2023-June 2024. Read more about the position and apply here. And take a virtual tour of the Nutmobile in the video, below!