Power Rangers prepares its fans for a bittersweet 30th anniversary

Nostalgia is a strange feeling. As quickly as it can flood you with warm and fuzzy emotions that harken back to the idyllic days of your youth, it can deliver equally depressing pangs of sorrow that remind you of your own mortality and gnawing sense of discontentment. However, like any drug worth its weight in baking soda, the initial high far outweighs the inevitable comedown, hence why the nostalgia business is continuing to boom. Recent reports have shown that 1/4 of all toy sales come from adults buying toys for themselves.

One of the franchises that helped instill the Millennial obsession with collecting toys is the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers series from the early 90s. You can check out the trailer for the Netflix 30th anniversary reunion special in the video linked above. Even though Jason David Frank, a long-tenured fixture in the franchise, turned the project down, the fact that the trailer was released so close to his tragic death practically ensures the project will be even more bittersweet than it would've been organically.