Remember when Prince Valiant was too extreme for the Family Channel?

There are a few constants in life. 

  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. King Features Syndicate action properties will always be awesome.

We give a lot of love to Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image properties in the world of comic books and cartoons, but where is the love for King Features Syndicate? Almost every single action franchise under their belt should be infinitely bigger than they are. 

The Phantom? Easily one of the coolest superheroes to exist outside of Marvel and DC. Or what about Flash Gordon? Spider-Man's 60's theme song is cool and all, but was it written by QUEEN? 

One of King's most amazing characters is the sword-wielding Prince Valiant. If you're a Millennial of a certain age, you probably remember the Legend of Prince Valiant cartoon show from the early 90s. If you're unfamiliar with the show or the character, you can check out the video from Secret Galaxy's YouTube page that explains how The Legend of Prince Valiant was too violent for the Family Channel back when the Christian Broadcast Network owned the station.