Republican congressman George Santos took $3000 from GoFundMe for US Navy veteran's dying dog

George Santos (R.-N.Y.), or whatever his name is, looted a GoFundMe he was involving in which had raised thousands to provide a US Navy veteran's dog with cancer treatment, reports CNN.

Santos set up a GoFundMe for Osthoff's pit bull, Sapphire, Boll said. A post from the Facebook profile of George Devolder links to a GoFundMe raising surgery funds for the dog. … But things went south after Osthoff tried to access the GoFundMe money, he said. Santos became uncooperative, according to Osthoff and Boll – at first saying Osthoff needed to take his dog to a veterinary clinic of Santos' choice, then claiming another clinic wouldn't accept Santos' form of payment. "I had to jump through hoops and do everything his way," Osthoff told CNN. "He was just totally, totally difficult. One obstacle after another."

A common crook, the kind of smarmy con-artist any actor would relish playing, and there he is in the GOP congressional caucus, under their wing despite all the many lies and crimes coming out.