Watch: Gentleman leads police on low-speed chase in stolen tractor

A gentleman in North Carolina led police on a slo-mo chase on Tuesday — not by car, bike, or foot, but by stolen tractor. (See video posted by KWTX below).

Ronnie Hicks, 43, not only tried to outcrawl Boone police at breakneck speeds of up to 30 mph, he also tried to plow down pedestrians but missed. However, he did manage to smash into "a Boone county police car, a dumpster, a church and several vehicles," according to The Guardian, but fortunately nobody was injured.

Eventually, the daredevil "pulled into a private drive, abandoned the stolen tractor, fled on foot, turned, brandished a knife, was Tased by officers and arrested," says The Guardian.

He was later rewarded with a $50,000 bond.

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