Why are capybaras "so chill?"

If you want something to watch while you're on your lunch break today, check out this 11-minute video called "The Science Behind the Unproblematic Nature of the Capybara." It was created by "Casual Geographic," whose real name, according to TV Tropes, is "Mamadou B. Ndiaye." They further explain that he:

is an animal commentator from New Jersey. He gives animal facts while being serious as possible and is known to make creative witty remarks on the animals he brings the topic of. He also uses Instagram and TikTok before editing the videos on his Youtube channel.

His animal videos are featured on his YouTube channel, where you can find him exploring creatures from all corners of the animal kingdom. I find him engaging, funny, and informative, even if, as TV Tropes points out, he takes "artistic license" with biology. Who cares, really? As long as I get to see capybaras in action, not me!