Yes, this self-heating mug also charges your phone

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Here's the issue with hot drinks: eventually, they go cold. All of a sudden, your beverage's delicious taste is just 'eh' and no longer evokes such a cozy feel. But, that doesn't have to happen anymore. With this unique self-heating mug, your drinks can always stay warm. Oh, and did we mention it charges your phone, too?

Yep, the Ui Self-Heating Mug & Wireless Charging Pad is the item you need to incorporate into your morning routine, and best of all, it's on sale now. Typically retailing for $94.99, it's now only $79.99. That's 15% off, no coupons needed!

Basically, the Ui mug is able to keep coffee, tea, or any beverage of choice up to 130ºF with its unique self-heating system. You can even use it to prepare some hot water to drink if you'd like. (Yes, Healthline reports that there are many health benefits associated with drinking hot water, including weight loss and increased digestion). Whatever your beverage of choice is, you don't need to worry about it going cold ever again. It even comes with a ceramic lid to aid in temperature regulation and make it easy to bring it wherever you go.

You can also power up your phone as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. The mug's charger not only keeps your drink deliciously hot, but it's also a wireless charging pad that's compatible with smart phones and can charge up to a 15W output.

And while we love this cup's many different functions, this mug is also an elegant addition to any kitchen cabinet. It's sleek and stylish, with a neutral hue that can complement most, if not all your other glassware.

Always have your drink at the right temperature and get the Ui 2-in-1 Self-Heating Mug & Wireless Charging Pad Set for only $79.99 today.

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