Elizabeth Holmes tried to flee the U.S. with one-way ticket last year, prosecutors say

Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes was caught trying to escape the U.S. with a one-way ticket to Mexico last year, say prosecutors.

The disgraced former CEO, who had become a billionaire by deliberately selling non-working blood testing machines, had bought a ticket that was scheduled to depart January 26, 2022, according to The Mercury News — shortly after she was sentenced to 11 years and 3 months in prison for defrauding investors of more than $140 million. And she had no plans of returning to the States. But her scheme was thwarted by prosecutors, who got wind of the "unauthorized flight," contacted her legal team, and made sure the trip was canceled.

From The Mercury News:

The prosecution's allegation that Holmes sought to flee the U.S. came in response to her December motion seeking to delay her imprisonment until the appeals process is finished, which legal experts said could take a year or more. In her motion, Holmes claimed she was not a flight risk.

"The Court has already found that Ms. Holmes is not a flight risk … when it permitted her to remain in the community both before and after conviction," the motion said. "Ms. Holmes surrendered her passport and is unable to travel internationally. She has been under supervision for over four years." …

Prosecutors in their filing countered that Holmes claims do "not account for her attempt to flee the country shortly after she was convicted," arguing "her incentive to flee has never been higher." …

Prosecutors' filing also accused Holmes of posing a danger to the public, saying, her "elaborate fraud scheme" and "lack of remorse and indicated willingness to continue operating in similar fields in the future" mean she can't provide "clear and convincing evidence that she does not present a danger to the community."

Her prison sentence is set to start April 27.