George Santos even confuses Twitter, who temporarily suspended his official account

Earlier this morning, Twitter users, including Ron Filipkowski and Patriot Takes, noticed the new congressional account for serial liar George Santos had mysteriously been suspended (see tweets below).

"Maybe they couldn't verify his identity," Filipkowski quipped. Good point.

According to Mediaite, the GOP Rep.'s "official" account had been suspended, restored, perhaps suspended again, and now appears to be, again, restored. About as confusing as the imposter's growing list of aliases. Sheesh.

From Mediaite:

Twitter users noticed the account was suspended on Friday morning. Then the communications director for fellow Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz said that the account appeared to have been restored, but shortly after it was either once again or still suspended when other users, including this writer, visited the page.

Neither Twitter nor Santos have posted any explanations or comments on the suspension at the time of this post. If that happens we may update with more information.