George Santos lookalike in drag queen competition appears to be saying "Devolder"

George Anthony Devolder Zabrovsky Santos, pride of the GOP, was never a drag queen.

Though plenty of photos and videos appear to show him in drag, we know it was a woke libtard imposter who traveled back to 2008 to discredit the staunch conservative, because Santos has never told a lie in his entire life. He'll swear to his honesty on a stack of unsold Donald Trump Junior Bibles.

There's nothing wrong with being a drag queen, of course, but the GOP is scared out of their wits by them. The GOP loves Santos for his unimpeachable honesty and truth-telling, awarding him two congressional committee appointments even after he was accused of stealing from a homeless veteran who had tried to raise funds for his dog's cancer surgery.

And when the GOP sees this video of a sneaky false flag antifa agent provocateur pretending to be Santos in drag and saying what sounds like "Devolder!" the GOP will surely position Santos as the next Secretary of State when it appoints Donald Trump as President in 2024.