St. George's Church is home to 30 beautiful ghost sculptures

Kostel Svatého Jiří (St. George's Church) is home to 30 beautiful ghost sculptures. This 14th century church, located in Luková, Czechia, went through many fires and even had part of its roof cave in during a funeral service. This caused people to believe it was haunted, and for 40 years the church was practically abandoned. 

This church was at risk of falling apart until "Jakub Hadrava, a sculpture student at the University of West Bohemia, had an idea: He sculpted ghosts to inhabit the abandoned church. He used fellow students as models, wrapping them in plastic and raincoats. Slowly but surely 30 ghosts came to "live" in the Kostel svatého Jiří, creating quite a spooky ambiance in the dilapidated place."

The addition of these ghost sculptures actually helped people from  Luková and all around the world embrace the haunted church instead of shying away from it. Now, people worship alongside Hadrava's art.