Trailer: Hello Tomorrow! is the show retro-futurism fans have been waiting for

Science fiction has so many wonderful subgenres. If you want your dystopian fiction to hit harder than usual, why don't you try the cyberpunk subgenre? Or what if you want a little fantasy in your sci-fi, Star Wars hears your request and is ready to offer one of the most popular franchises in film history. Even though there are quality stories that represent every subgenre of science fiction, there's one offshoot genre that doesn't get nearly enough love. Why don't we see more intellectual properties rooted in retrofuturism? 

Retrofuturism is a Sci-fi aesthetic that takes futuristic concepts, such as flying cars and floating cities, and garbs them in a design that evokes the mid-20th century. The subgenre has a few notable representatives(Futurama and The Jetsons), but considering the social commentary a Sci-fi version of the conservative 1950s offers, you'd think retrofuturism would be way more prominent. In the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for Apple TV's new retrofuturistic series Hello Tomorrow!