15 reasons why the world needs Ukrainian victory, by a historian of political atrocity

While Tucker Carlson and the GOP are rootin' for Putin's power-mad campaign to seize Ukraine (because they want the U.S. to be a christofacsist state like Russia), most of the world supports Ukraine. In his newsletter, Timothy Snyder lists 15 reasons why a Ukrainian victory is essential if we want to preserve democracy.

Here are a few:

1.  To halt atrocity.  Russia's occupation is genocidal.  Wherever the Ukrainians recover territory, they save lives, and re-establish the principle that people have a right not to be tortured, deported, and murdered.

6.  To weaken the prestige of tyrants.  In this century, the trend has been towards authoritarianism, with Putinism as a force and a model.  Its defeat by a democracy reverses that trend.  Fascism is about force, and is discredited by defeat.

12.  To head off future resource wars.  Aside from being a consistent perpetrator of war crimes, Russia's Wagner group seizes mineral resources by violence wherever it can.  This is why it is fighting in Bakhmut.