Concerning screams led to 911 call. Turned out to be cops in the heat of passion.

A Brooklyn, New York resident heard concerning screams from a nearby parking lot and called 911. Turns out, the lot was employee parking for the New York Police Department's 79th Precinct. The screaming was just two off-duty cops enjoying their break time. Like, really enjoying it. From the NY Post:

"They were getting hot and heavy," a source with knowledge of the incident said.

The cops, who are also partners on the job, are said to have been having an ongoing affair — one that became well-known in the precinct after the man's wife found out and "created havoc" at the station house last summer, according to sources.

"She showed up to the precinct to confront the girlfriend," the source with knowledge said. "Shortly after in the rear of the precinct, with bosses and cops present, the two cops got into a huge altercation because of the wife. Nothing was done.

"Then someone had the bright idea to have them partnered up, riding in the same sector," the source said.

The officers denied they were having sex in the car. And for some reason, their colleagues who approached the vehicle didn't have their body cameras turned on. Huh.