Los Angeles Hip Hop tours and "Temple Tactics" interview show from Conkrete Mike P.

Rap is something you do, HipHop is something you live. — KRS-ONE.

"Temple Tactics" is a Hip Hop video talk show hosted by Los Angeles- based Hip Hop historian Conkrete Mike P.

"Off Tha Map" is a bike and/or car tour where participants learn new geography by exploring "West coast Hip Hop Historical Sites," also organized by Conkrete Mike P.

Conkrete Mike P. lives HipHop.

For almost four decades, he has been deeply involved in all levels, realms, and practices of HipHop culture and politics. A consummate historian, practitioner, and respected neighborhood leader, Conkrete Mike P. has worked on grassroots community base projects; he is a long-time collaborator with KRS-ONE and the Temple of Hip Hop; and is also on the educational committee for The Universal Hip Hop Museum.

"Off Tha Map" explores how "throughout Southern California, it was social and economic issues that created locations for Hiphop's seed to manifest. Today, those Hiphop seeds have given way to the creation of West Coast Hiphop Kulture and music. These various southern California locations, some still in existence, others lost to commercial development, became the springboard for West Coast Hiphop."

While biking around the city, you may run into guests on the Temple Tactics talk show – especially if Conkrete Mike P. hooks it up.

"Temple Tactics is a Hiphop talk show. The one-hour show will take you into Hiphop's culture. We will journey into local Hiphop communities, examine Hiphop's elements, speak with artists, and explore Hiphop's history."

Episode Four of Temple Tactics features Asia-One, Bboy Enerjetik, Bboy Rapid One, and Ervin Arana.

"Asia One is known worldwide as a Bgirl icon, Hip-Hop pioneer, and activist.  A visionary trailblazer and trendsetter, Asia's influence has been instrumental in setting the bar for standards in the arts of Hip-Hop with skills + knowledge being the supreme combination for personal and global transformation. As a seasoned educator, performer, host, and judge – she is known world-wide as a premier consultant on Hip-Hop cultural lifestyle and travels the world regularly performing, speaking and building with international ambassadors of Hip-Hop culture on the future evolution of Hip-Hop dance and achieving social justice through the culture as a movement."

Other guests have included Kahlee (San Diego rap recording artist), Sir Malik One ("Peace in Time of War" author), Mad Macks (East of the River recording artist), Gio Rubio (graffiti & graphic artist), 60 East (founder of the Happiness of Pursuit Festival), Cali the Dreamer (San Diego rap recording artist) and Justified (founder of Fathers in Hiphop).

Check out this discussion with Justified, Sir Malik One, Dr. Maliq Matthews, Emile YX, and others concerning "the Importance of the Role of Fathers in Hip Hop and the responsibilities that we have as Young Men in Our Community."