Man who propped his legs on Nancy Pelosi's desk on Jan 6 found guilty

The infamous gentleman who propped his legs up on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's desk inside the Capitol during the January 6 insurrection was convicted today "on all eight counts in his indictment," according to AP News. This includes "felony charges of civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding." The conviction came after the jury deliberated for about two hours.

62-year-old Richard "Bigo" Barnett, the self-proclaimed white nationalist from Arkansas, is already making plans to appeal his conviction, saying it's an "injustice" and that "this is not a jury of my peers."

Unfortunately, his peers are also serving time and would not be available to serve on a jury, but that's beside the point.

From AP News:

Prosecutors asked the judge to jail Barnett while he awaits sentencing. Justice Department prosecutor Alison Prout said the jury concluded that Barnett took a weapon into Pelosi's office. …

Barnett, 62, testified last Thursday that he was looking for a bathroom inside the Capitol when he unwittingly entered Pelosi's office and encountered two news photographers. He said one of the photographers told him to "act natural," so he leaned back in a chair and flung his legs onto the desk. …

Prosecutors said Barnett had a stun gun tucked into his pants when he stormed the Capitol and invaded Pelosi's office. Barnett was convicted of entering and remaining in restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon — a stun gun with spikes concealed within a collapsible walking stick.

Prosecutors said Barnett had a history of arming himself at political demonstrations. In July 2020, they said, a 911 caller reported that a man matching Barnett's description had pointed a rifle at her during a "Back the Blue" rally. …

In November 2020, police were called to a "Save the Children" rally when a caller said Barnett was carrying a gun at the protest and acting suspiciously.

The judge ultimately decided to let Barnett remain free "on certain conditions until his sentencing," which is scheduled to take place on May 3.

See an image of his incriminating office pose here.