GOP liar George Santos claims assassination attempt in 2021

George Santos, the GOP congressman who lied about virtually every aspect of his life to win his Long Island seat, also claimed to have been the target of an assassination attempt in recent video unearthed on the Rachel Maddow Show. As reported by William Vaillancourt at The Daily Beast:

"We have already suffered an attempt on my life, an assassination attempt, a threatening letter, having to have the police — a police escort standing in front of our house."


"I was mugged by two men. Before asking any questions, they weren't Black, they were even white, but they robbed me, took my briefcase, took my shoes and my watch. And that was in broad daylight. It was 3 p.m. I was leaving my office, going to the garage, getting my car, and I was mugged," he claimed, adding later: "The fear is real. It's surreal what we live through here."

Every sentence has something new in it to wince at.