Keep your devices and appliances running with this portable power station

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Power outages used to be considered a minor inconvenience. It makes for a perfect excuse for a power nap, when, in an hour or two, you would wake up to your fridge running again. But considering the extreme changes in weather we have these days, you never know when a power outage could turn into an hours-long (or even days-long) hassle. Do yourself a favor and have a power generator within arm's reach.

Portable generators can save you from going primitive when you suddenly go out of power. The big-capacity ones, like the EcoFlow DELTA Power Station, can keep even your appliances running during blackouts, so you can remain productive (and sane). Usually $1399, you can get it on sale for $999, which is almost 30% off.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter with over $12 million in pledges, this impressive generator caters to a wide range of devices, allowing you to stay powered for hours on end. It boasts a large inverter load of 1,260Wh capacity, which makes it capable of powering most home appliances and heavy-duty DIY tools under 1,800W. This portable power station also packs a punch with EcoFlow's patent X-Stream Technology. With this technology, it has an expedited recharging speed and can juice up at 10 times faster than most portable generators on the market.

This generator can even power up to 13 devices simultaneously. It has every imaginable port you'll need for your slate of devices and appliances, and when it comes to recharging the hub itself, you can either do it through a 12/24V carport in less than 10 hours or solar panels in roughly four hours.

Keep your household running 24/7 and stay connected during power outages. Get the EcoFlow Delta Portable Power Station for $999 now (reg. $1399).

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