Breakfast restaurant named "Woke" angers confused conservatives

Last week in Coventry, Connecticut, Carmen Quiroga opened a new breakfast cafe called Woke Breakfast & Coffee.

"When we were thinking of an idea, we obviously wanted a word that would represent something related to morning," Quiroga said. "We wanted something that was quick and easy to say."

Guess who didn't like the name?

From Insider:

"I'm a Mexican," Quiroga told the CT Insider. "I don't know anything about what 'woke' means to some people."

The name generated debate among town residents online, including in The Coventry CT Citizen's Open Forum on Facebook. 

On Thursday, the page's admin, Tonya Landrie Ohlund, threatened to remove "ridiculous comments" about the new breakfast shop. 

"If you are that close-minded that you can't grasp that the name is referring to the fact that it is a breakfast establishment and nothing more, then just keep that to yourself and move on," Ohlund wrote. "It's disgusting to read that residents are going to refuse to support a business that is trying to grow in our awesome little town because you don't like what they've named it, without even knowing anything about how they chose that name. Just stop."