Cops caught on video stealing $6,000 from a New York woman

Two officers from the New York Division of Parole were secretly recorded as they talked about stealing $6,000 they found while searching a parolee's bedroom.

An unidentified officer and an officer identified as Doris Hernandez were in Shannon Carpenter and her boyfriend John Grandberry's bedroom when they found the case hidden in a pair of pink Timberland boots.

From the Rochester City Newspaper:

Hernandez, appears to type a message on her phone and hand the phone to her colleague, an unidentified male officer. He glances at it, hands it back to her, and they whisper inaudibly.

The male officer then peeps out the door before turning back to Hernandez.

"We can share the money…," he said.

"You're right," Hernandez replied, pointing a finger gun at the other officer.

"As long as there's enough money to go around," he said.

Carpenter said she turned on the camera when officers entered the room to search it. Imagine how often crooks with badges have robbed people or done worse things, but there wasn't a camera to catch them.