Fox flies into a rage over A&W's updated bear mascot — even though it was just a joke (video)

Fox News is outraged once again, this time over an A&W joke — because in their perpetual state of rage, they didn't realize it was a joke.

After the snowflake network flipped out over M&M's spokescandies for wearing sneakers instead of high-heeled shoes, A&W reacted to the tantrum by posting a satirical message in which their own spokesbear, Rooty, put on a pair of trousers, since "even a mascot's lack of pants can be polarizing" (see post below).

And the trigger-happy hosts on Fox's "Mornings with Maria" were — you guessed it! — enraged.

"Oh my God … The woke police, cancel culture has gone ridiculous!" said the only "woke police" officers on the case after rabidly reporting on the offensive incident (see video posted by Aaron Rupar below).

If Fox had only taken a breath, they might have noticed A&W's comment to their post, which read, "Is now a good time to mention this is a joke?" accompanied by a sweaty-smile emoji (see bottom post). I'm not sure what is funnier, A&W's gag or Fox's Carlson-esque reaction to it.