Honest trailers dig their fangs into Snakes on a Plane

Samuel L. Jackson didn't catch his big break until he was already 40 years old. Since then, Jackson has become one of the most iconic actors of his era. Although he possesses incredible range, more times than not, Jackson usually plays a modified version of his public persona. As it turns out, people will pay a lot of money to watch Jackson talk tough and smoothly as he dispatches (insert antagonist here). 

Nowhere was Jackson's ability to captivate audiences through his presence alone exhibited more plainly than in his starring role in Snakes on a Plane. The film was a meme from conception, but Jackson's performance, coupled with an absurd premise, turned the flick into a beloved "so bad it's good" movie night classic. In the video linked above, the fine folks at Honest Trailers unleash their comedic venom on Jackson and Snakes on a Plane. The results are as hilarious as you'd imagine.