Karsten Belt adds saxophone solos to "songs that don't need them"

TikToker Karsten Belt creates videos where he adds saxophone solos to a variety of songs. He says he's "adding saxophone solos to songs that don't need them." Maybe he's right, but I think his solos enhance the songs, making good songs even better. He describes himself as a "21 year old dutch saxophone player." He's a pretty incredible musician. Here he is adding a sax solo to Sia's Chandelier, to Harry Stiles' Sign of the Times, and Adele's Easy On Me. Check out his TikTok for lots more!


Reposting my most popular video from 2022!! This was an incredible year and I'm so grateful to all of you 🫶 Let's make it a great 2023@sia #chandelier #sia #saxophone #solo #saxtok #2022

♬ Chandelier – Sia