Teen gets into fender bender backing out of his own driveway (video)

Teenagers are new to driving, plus they have a lot going on. Combine these two factors together, and you have a 17-year-old who gets into a fender bender right in his driveway.

"I'm blocked in, dude," the kid complained when he was leaving the house to get some milk. Thirty-seconds later, he accidentally crashed his truck into a small car parked behind him, apparently forgetting it was ever there (see video, caught on security camera, below). The vacant car then took off, cruising into the street on its own, before the kid quickly jumped out of his truck to catch the rogue runaway. Fortunately, according to Ring's description on their YouTube page, nobody was injured, and his family was later able to laugh it off as a good learning lesson.

[Stop at :30 unless you want to watch Ring's irritating promotional montage.]

Front page thumbnail image: SKT Studio / shutterstock.com