Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes whines a lot

As a congressperson, he famously fought with an imaginary cow; now, CEO Devin Nunes whines a lot. Blaming everyone but himself for thinking Trump wouldn't screw him over like he does all his business associates, Nunes feels the SEC and perhaps Elon Musk is responsible for Trump's anticipated return to Twitter.

Raw Story:

"Remember, President Trump didn't need a new company; I didn't need a new job!" he complained. "We were told you've got to go out; you guys are Republicans, you're conservatives. Why don't you guys just go out and create your own company? What does it matter? These are private companies."

"If Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, if they don't want Donald Trump or any other American, screw you!" Nunes continued. "We can just kick you off, and you can create your own company. Well, that's what President Trump did!"

According to Nunes, there was a "scandal" because regulators had not approved Truth Social's merger with Digital World. The New York Times reported that the two companies may have held improper talks before initiating the merger.