Guy who bought 'Goonies' house in Oregon now says he wants to open it to fans, not live in it

The Astoria, Oregon house that was featured in the 1985 film, The Goonies, was recently purchased and it was originally reported that the new owner, who has now been identified as Behman Zakeri of Kansas City, was going to reside in the house. But now the "self-described serial entrepreneur" is saying he "has no plans to make the Goonies home his primary residence."

In fact, his planning for what he will do with it is "fluid."

"It was bought as an investment, but I didn't buy it to keep it to myself. I bought it to share it with the world," he said. "As long as Goonies are respectful."

But here's the tricky part:

He says he's committed to making sure the house is preserved and that other die-hard fans will have access to it. What that will look like, though, is anyone's guess. Zakeri says he's not legally allowed to rent the home on a short-term basis, make it into a museum, or put it to other commercial use.