North Carolina town on alert after "multiple" razor blades found on gas pump handles

A town in North Carolina is being threatened by dangerously placed razor blades — not in apples, but in gas stations. At least three random razor blades have been found on gas pump handles within the last month, prompting Forest City police — who are actively investigating — to put out an advisory on Tuesday, warning residents to "be aware of your surroundings while pumping gas" and "always check before grabbing the gas pump handle."

From CNN:

The department published the community advisory on Tuesday to address "multiple instances of razor blades being placed in gas pump handles in Forest City and surrounding areas." It said that they are "actively investigating" the incidents in cooperation with the state Department of Agriculture.

"This is a very disturbing incident and we are devoting all of the resources available to us to figure out who is responsible and hold them accountable," the department wrote in its statement.

Forest City is located in North Carolina's Rutherford County, in the southwest of the state, around 63 miles from Asheville.